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Arizona Life Lines has been in business since 1992, serving customers throughout the state. We work with numerous carriers and provider groups, and utilize various specialists to assist with specific needs (disability, long term care, group, etc).   In 1999, we were named "Agent of the Year" by the Foundation for Medical Care (aka Maricopa Foundation). We provide services in the following areas:


Health (individual and family) - we work both on and off the Exchange, with all carriers in Arizona


Alien and Non-Resident Health (inside and outside the US)


HSAs (Health Savings Accounts - formerly Medical Savings Accounts)


Life Insurance (term, universal, whole life and variable)


Disability (short and long term)


Supplemental Accidental Injury


Travel Plans (15 days to three years, US and abroad - including Executive coverage)


Vision Services


Short Term Health (individual and family - one to eleven months)


Dental (referral/discount plans and true insurance; individual, family and group)


Long Term Care (one out of two people over the age of 70 will need this type of care - buy it early)  


Medicare Supplements - all plans, most carriers


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans as well as Discount Services 


We also offer assistance to consumers in understanding COBRA.  This is a confusing area for consumers to understand, and as often as it might be the best bet when coming off a group, just as often, it is a more expensive one. We are happy to assist both customers and non-customers alike to understand their rights associated with COBRA. The best way to reach us with questions in these areas is by phone or through on our e-mail, at top of this page.



On a regular basis, we issue newsletters to the agents associated with AZ Life Lines, updating them on products we work with, as well as recently passed laws. In addition, we have published news columns and trade magazine articles related to the basics of health insurance.

Recent copies of these can be accessed at the end of this page.


We are open from 8:30 till 5:30pm, Monday through Thursday, closed at 2:30 on Friday.  Unless we are attending an off-site function, the office is staffed at all times.  If you call and get voice mail, do  leave a message; it will be returned same day. We have several in-coming lines (these are landlines, do not text) and try not to put callers on hold unless absolutely necessary. Office phones are forwarded to our cell, and voice mail is checked on a frequent basis after hours and on weekends.


While we make every effort, we are not able to help everyone to their satisfaction; unfortunately, there are individuals who will not find the coverage they're looking for, given their income, work or health-related circumstances.  It is our goal to help every caller, make calls in their behalf when possible and assist in whatever way possible, with all means available, to find them the coverage they're seeking or to provide an understanding of why the system cannot work for them at this time and what any other options might be.


Your  agent, whether us or someone else, is your first line of defense whenever you have a problem with an existing health policy. He/she earns a small commission (very small since the advent of the ACA) on your business, and should be consulted whenever you have a problem with a claim or with understanding your policy. Commissions paid to agents do not affect your premium in any way, nor do they impact any subsidy you might be eligible for under the ACA.

Never buy a plan you do not understand or whose representative cannot adequately explain. Don't let an agent tell you he or she cannot send or leave materials with you so that you may think more about your purchase, if you wish. Any agent can fax, e-mail or leave material behind; those who don't are using high pressure tactics to make you buy on the spot.

Agents cannot provide references as to who else has purchased a policy; that would be a breach of confidence and a violation of HIPAA (privacy) laws. But feel free to ask about the carrier, how long they have been in business, how long the agent has sold their plans, plus any other questions about the plan and the carrier.


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The following articles were written by June Shaffer and are reprinted with permission: (click on title to view article). Some of the articles will indicate, at the top of the page, that these are for historical reference only, as many things have changed since 2013.  Very pertinent is Article 9

1. Insurance: Risk and Responsibility

Overview of what you should expect from a policy and what it should do


2. COBRA, Portability, HIPAA???

The differences in these terms, what they really mean and who is and is not eligible for plans under these terms


3. Upset with High Premiums? Take Responsibility!

Take responsibility for lowering your rates by changing your perspective on what different types of health insurance do. Example: why pay more for co-pay plans if the savings with a non-copay plan is greater than the deductible for a co-pay plan?


4. Self-Employed? Not Necessarily a Problem

Being self-employed is absolutely not a deterrent to obtaining good medical coverage. Read why being self-employed is not the problem and what the laws are which govern this area.


5. HSAs Made Easy

Health Savings Accounts provide positive tax ramifications, in that they are treated as an IRA. Available to everyone, the H.S.A.-compatible plans offer coverage at competitive rates, for all ages under 65.


6. Short Term Insurance: Is It Real?

Occasionally, an applicant may not be able to afford a regular health plan, for whatever reason. Missing open enrollment is usually the most common problem. Short term coverage meets these needs at very reasonable prices. Covers anything new in the way of illness or injury, offers a variety of deductibles and a minimum of $1,000,000 in protection.


7. Lost Your Group Coverage? Now What?

If you've just lost your group coverage and COBRA isn't available, you need to know immediately what your options are - waiting can cost you your insurability if you are high risk, and cost money if the unexpected should occur.


8. MSA/HSA - Not Just for the Self-Employed

This article no longer available as MSA's are now called HSA's and are available to anyone who can qualify (qualification is based on health history - underwriting for an HSA is just like any other medical plan). See Article #5, HSA'S MADE EASY for updated information.


9. It's All About the Numbers

This is not your typical article on how to view insurance - it shows you a different way of looking at coverage, what you pay for it and why, and how to maximize your insurance dollars - keeping more of them in your pocket and less in the insurance carriers, without sacrificing complete and quality health coverage.


10. What Good is Insurance if it Doesn't Cover Preexisting Conditions?

Just as you don't plan on currently having asthma, you won't "plan" on later developing diabetes. Insurance covers risks - things that you don't plan on and that haven't yet occurred.


11. Why Some People Can't Get Insurance

Article withdrawn as totally irrelevant under healthcare reform. 


12. Medicare Made Easy

Medicare is not as complicated as it seems! You have several options for your supplements, in varying premium ranges. These two to three pages summarize Medicare in just a few minutes!


13. Provider Network Groups

Website addresses that allow you to access the provider groups of various medical / insurance networks working with the various carriers in Arizona


14. Referral and Support Groups

Alcohol, bulimia, MS, diabetes... a list of various support groups in the area as well as the resources by which you can access even more.

14-A  Opening the Drug Dialogue with Youth
          How to start the conversation with your teenagers (and younger) about drugs, their use and influence today

14.B   Healthy Coping Mchanisms for Dealing with Holiday Stress
                   Helpful ways of dealing with the stress and anxiety of the holiday season

15. Team of Specialists

Most brokers utilize a team of specialists to assist them and the people who call their office. No one agent can or should try to "do it all." This is our list of specialists, from group to disability, long term care to other insurances and naturopathic physician, along with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses