No one agent or broker can be all things to all people – it is silly to even try and folly for a new agent to attempt. While one broker or agent may wear several hats (for instance, I work with Medicare supplements, MSAs (Medical Savings Accounts), individual/family health plans, life, dental and high risk – including COBRA and HIPAA), there are some areas of insurance which are very intricate, very involved and require a great deal of experience, concentration and legal understanding.

For that reason, we utilize the skills of agents and other qualified individuals around the Valley who specialize in areas that I don’t -

Small Group
 5 to 50 employees

Thomas Katsenes
Katsenes Insurance Services
602-264-6474  ext 4   or 800-562-0071 ext 4  and

Tom and his family-owned agency have been working with small group market for 20 years, and work with all major group carriers in the state. Tom and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, very thorough and their clients are located statewide.  


Long Term Care & Disability

Melissa Myers

Camelback Retirement Planners/Commonwealth financial network

2720 E. Camelback Road, Suite 200

Phoenix, AZ  85016

<>602-424-7503  or  877-280-2304 (outside Maricopa county)

Melissa works in financial planning and covers most of the state of Arizona. LTC and disability insurance are more than just a source of income, they are part of the proper planning of a professional's future financial security.


Specified Benefits (cash reimbursement)

Michael Malasnik
Arizona Benefit Connection

Michael's background extends to AZ Physicians, United Healthcare and several other in-house positions which have given him an insight to the needs of specific individuals. Specified benefit plans appeal to those who can't get "full- bore" insurance but would like some insurance protection  without the hassle of underwriting. Our office also works with these products  


Naturopathy /Alternative Medicine

Dr. Christina Compton, NMD

Is modern medicine too eager to cut? Too happy to hand out pills?? To quick to diagnose or dismiss?? It is your responsibility to under-stand your own health, to question a diagnosis or medication or treatment that you don't understand, to ask questions and to make smart  choices. American children have the highest obesity levels in the world, the US has the youngest ages for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol of any country, and more people die from cancer here than anywhere else! YOU are your first line of defense, learn what you can do.



Ideal Insurance - Glendale office   602-938-7579
                              Sun City office   623-933-8263

Looking to insure a business or building? Questions about work-related liability coverage? Got a new car and want fender-to-fender quotes? Ideal has two offices in the west valley and a staff of dozens to help you out!  



Scott Shirley
Farmer’s Insurance, Scottsdale office

Scott is in the east valley and offers Farmer's broad line of property and casualty products, homeowners and auto, motorcycles and RVs - personable and experienced, Scott will direct you to the right source if for any reason he feels his products will not best suit your needs.


Bob Coudret
Allstate, NW Valley

These gentlemen have been helping folks in the central Valley for years, with all areas of property/casualty. Adequate car insurance for your wheels and homeowner's for the roof over your head are musts, and part of good financial security.


Financial/Tax Accounting

Leanne Griffin
Baker & Griffin

Leanne also trains in Quick Books, the most popular bookkeeping tool around.

Terry Brown, CPA

Terry also provides management consulting and payroll preparation.

If your taxes can be done in less than an hour, great! But no thorough and qualified accountant would attempt to do a good job in that time! Accounting techniques and tax laws change all the time, and keeping on top of them is nothing short of a daily education. Accounting is more than just a spreadsheet or checkbook!

Professional Tax Preparer

Alan M. Kafton
Phoenix, AZ

Tax preparation is not something that can be purchased at a corner franchise store! Considerable time and effort go into properly preparing a return, suggestions made for adjusting your methods of business spending or saving, deductions you may not know you can take - and those your shouldn't. Alan has been preparing tax returns of all sizes for years and will work with your time and your needs.


Financial Services / Investments

Jack Bethel  

Good financial planning is part of the insurance of your future, too! It is more than just money in the bank - but it's not risking it all in the stock market, either! Learn about allocating funds - if only $50  a month - so they can grow and provide tax-deferred income as you get older. You're never too young or too old to start!



We work with agents all over the Valley and are happy to direct you to those in your area if you require an in-home visit. Much of what needs to be done in the health insurance arena does not require a face to face visit, though many agents would like you to believe they must meet with you. It's never a bad idea but it is not always a requirement. Exception: life insurance and long term care. 

Beware of anything that sounds "too good to be true." Obviously, if it does, it probably is. We receive numerous faxes and e-mails every about low-cost health coverage - keep in mind, health coverage is NOT necessarily health insurance. Many discount plans are available, utilizing PPO networks for discounts on most major medical services as well as chiropractic, dental, optical and prescriptions. We offer these plans too, at costs under $100 - the same plans as those you see advertised for $100-200 per month - we simply don't use multi-level marketed products with high commission overheads. But again, these are NOT insurance - you are responsible for the balance after the discount, at the time the service is rendered. We sell these plans ONLY when no other health coverage or health-related product can be utilized.

There is no regulation on the sales of these types of products and most are sold by non-insurance multi-level marketing companies. Too many of these people, eager to make a sale, tell prospective customers they can give up their "costly health insurance" and use this instead. Anyone who says that can be severely fined by the company they are trying to represent as well as by the Dept of Insurance. And since all the literature very clearly states that these plans are NOT insurance, your grounds for a lawsuit would be very limited. Read all materials for all "health coverage" programs thoroughly and understand what you are buying. No individual plan of any type "does it all" - but it should do what YOU need it to do: provide maximum benefit at a reasonable cost.

No matter what kind of product or service you buy, ask questions of your agent, broker or representative, get comfortable with them and what they are telling you, and don't let anyone "fast talk" you into something because it's the latest, greatest, cheapest plan on earth. There's no such thing, and the last thing you want to cut corners with is your health or financial security.